Yahoo redesigns its homepage to browse easily and quickly

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yahoo Yahoo redesigns its homepage to browse easily and quickly

Yahoo, the email and search engine company has redesigned its homepage, the company has make that first such change in four years.

The new design, also comes to the mobile version of the site. Yahoo has changes position and added some new features, to easily browse. Now the main menu of several company services still in the upper left corner of the homepage, and big part of the page real estate has changed by a carousel that shows the current breaking news.

The company has added an infinite scrolling feature that help users to browse easily and quickly, which delivers to show more and more content when scrolls down the page.

Yahoo helps user to browse news as their interest, it adds the feature to remove the news that users don’t like to learn their habits.

In the right side of the homepage, it displays widgets, such as weather, finance and sports info, as well as featured videos and Flickr photos. Users can also collapse the utilities using the button that shows up on mousehover.

“It’s more personalized and it’s more dynamic. People said, ‘Give me a reason to come back to Yahoo! a few times a day.’ And now the content’s always updating and refreshing, that gives you all the information you want. And a few things that are nicer and a bit of a surprise,” said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who unveiled the new design on NBC’s Today show.

The company has debuted the new redesigned homepage at NBC’s show, when the company has an partnership with the ABC and its Good Morning America program. The Google Morning America program has beats NBC’s in viewers and in terms of largest audience it has seen in seven years.

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