Yahoo acquires Xobni, an inbox managing startup

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Xobni Yahoo acquires Xobni, an inbox managing startup

On Thursday, Yahoo has announced that it has acquired the Xobni app, this app lets you to manage or make your inbox and contacts list more simpler and terrible, by taking the people you communicate most in highlight.

In 2008, the company has launches for Microsoft Outlook mail service as an plugin, that has sorted all the contacts in a manner that helps in contacting with your friends and relatives quickly, and it also automatically takes contact data from LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular social networks. As in 2008, later it has launched the similar functions to Google’s Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! Mail. And at the end of last year, the company has launched a new product for Gmail, iPhone and Android called Smartr Contacts. This app automatically sorts your contacts as their importance for iOS and Android.

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For the acquisition, Xobni has wrote a blog post announcing the acquisition. It has also said that, “Of course, soon you’ll be able to use Yahoo! products with Xobni goodness baked right in.”

Their are many rumors from some closer sources that the acquisition takes place between a price of $30 million to $40 million. This is Yahoo’s second purchase this week, previously Yahoo has acquired the Apple iPhone video app maker Qwiki earlier this week for about $50 million.

According to Yahoo, the existing products will remain same and if you’re using one of the apps already, your stuff will remain same and you will be able to keep using it. Their are no words on how Yahoo will take long the app and how much more users it will gain as the company is moving forward, After the announcement, almost the Smartr Contacts app is still available on the iOS App Store.

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What would you think about the acquisition? Is Yahoo going right. Tell us in the Comments below.

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