Twitter updates iOS and Android app to find information easier

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twitter 2176659b Twitter updates iOS and Android app to find information easier

On Wednesday, Twitter the social networking website updates its iOS and Android apps, and also the, to make it easier to find information.

In addition, all the search information displays in the Discovery tab appears in ta single stream in both the iOS and Android apps, so users will easily see tweets, activity, trends, and suggestions of accounts to follow as a single content stream, instead of scrolling the last group of another content to get other.

Users can find Activity and Trend information by tapping on the tiles at the top of the Discovery tab, both that displays pics of the information. The new Activity shows the tiles of the peoples you follow who has recent activity on the service, while the Trend shows some few recent trends.

User search results are also displayed in an single stream format, and surfaces the “most relevant mix of tweets, photos, and accounts all in one stream.” The company has also added an search button in the iPhone app, and it will allow users to search from anywhere in the app, the features is already available in the iPad and Android versions of the apps.

Twitter now takes directly to the website, when clicking a link in an tweet, instead of expanding the tweet and then taking to the website. The feature is very helpful for the users who users the network as a news feed and wants the ability to get to content a little easily.

The company has also officially announced the update on its website, neither the Android and iOS apps appears live in the store yet.

Harshit Sharma

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