Sony unveiled the first Sony 4K Ultra HD media player

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Sony 4K media player Sony unveiled the first Sony 4K Ultra HD media player

Recently, rumors has came up that Sony is planning an 4K media player at this fall’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). On Monday, Sony has confirmed that the devices is now ready for the customers and can also make their orders online and more content for it coming this fall.

Sony has started taking pre-orders on Monday for its ‘s FMP-X1, 4K Ultra HD Media Player for $699, and it will come to store shelves on July 15. The 4K means Ultra HD, this shows that the player has resolution that is four times greater than the 1080p full HD – this is what you want in HDTV’s today. The Ultra HD media player, 4X feeds 4K content to Sony’s 4K televisions.

The price tag for the Sony 4K player is high, but the users has expected a low price similar to the specifications. But, Instead of dropping the price, Sony is giving away 10 free 4K Ultra HD feature films, for everyone who purchases the pricey Sony X900A 4K Ultra HD TV, and will get $200 off on buying the Ultra HD player. The TV buyers can also go online to check if their 4K Ultra HD TV has access to Sony’s premium 4K movie content.

For the early buyers of its Ultra HD technology, which has lack of 4K content is a problem. So this year, Sony has planned to open a new Video Unlimited 4K content service, which will include TV episodes, movies and short-form video in 4K quality. The price for 24 hour rental package starting from $7.99 and purchases will begin at $29.99.

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