Skype now available for BlackBerry 10 OS

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Skype for BlackBerry Skype now available for BlackBerry 10 OS

Microsoft and the Skype section in Microsoft has official announced that the Skype is now officially available for download on BlackBerry’s BB10 OS, which has launched in January 2013. Currently, the Skype app is only available for BlackBerry Q10 powered devices that are very few in numbers yet or not properly launched, so very few users will be able to download the Skype app on their BlackBerry devices.

As Microsoft has recently launched the app for BB devices, so there are some imperfections. The real pain in the app is when comes to User’s experience. As there are some troubles so it still called a Beta version, but there are many expectations from the company in terms of the app. The main purpose of the app is to provide an easy and quick to send and receive experience of messages and calls, but there are good part shops here.

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As the app is only optimized for Android OS, so it runs on BB 10 making many causes and this will be serious problems for the company and users. One of the extreme problem with the app was that, it take much time and and take a long time for key presses to register. Notification in the app is completely a mess. The app officially doesn’t integrate with the BlackBerry OS, hence does not integrates with the phone sound settings. And there are a lot of other problems within using the app.

As Microsoft launches the app for BlackBerry and will update it soon with the bug fixes and could start with a new world in BlackBerry’s OS and this could be a lot of messy for Microsoft if the first reviews report comes true.

BlackBerry has a good share in the market, but it is now looking likely to increase the number of apps in the BlackBerry app store. BlackBerry is taking good move but Quality is also a matter.

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