Sergey Brin rides through (NYC) subway wearing Google Glass

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Noah Zerkin photo of Sergey Brin Sergey Brin rides through (NYC) subway wearing Google Glass

Google’s most popular Google Glass is currently in testing these days, and the Google Glass will be a big move from Google. The Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing the futuristic glass that will project information about the object. Sergey Brin has travels through the New York City Subway (NYC) wearing the Google Glass as an test.

According to Mashable, “Self-described “wearable computing enthusiast” and New York City resident Noah Zerkin apparently looked up at the seat opposite him on a NYC subway to find Brin sporting a wool cap and his now-trademark eye wear.”

The Glass from Google is an product which is under testing or may be launched for the developers, it is a type of Project Glass, the glass just only offers an single, tiny view screen, voice recognition, and photo and video capture.

Zerkin grabbed a twitpic, which has since been retweeted hundreds of times and reported on dozens of others about the Glasses.


Users has shared the Glass pic as an interest, and Zorkin has reported on Twitter that, the meeting was very coincidental.

In CES 2013, earlier this month, I stumbled an gentleman wearing an orange color or version of the Glass. He turned out to be Russ Mirrov, Electrical Lead for Google Glass project. Reports states that, the Glasses is currently an research project, which may go for all users quickly. I asked Mirrov to wear or test the glass, but he declined, and only has allow to snap of photo.


Mirrov is taking interest in the Google Glass. He thinks that what can I do with the Glasses, I told him that, i want to use the Glasses for my terrible memory for people’s names: I would see someone and quickly ask Google to identify them as an earshot. Finally, Mirrov has seemed to like the idea.

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