New Office Web Apps now available live on SkyDrive

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webapp New Office Web Apps now available live on SkyDrive

The recently update version of Office Web Apps, which as available for preview since July is now available for Skydrive and Microsoft’s Outlook users.

The apps which was currently working with the latest and final version of Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 and iOS 6 also has unveiled with many improvements and new features.

In the updated version, the Word Web App has many new page-layout tools, picture tools and words count also. The Excel App will allow users to rename or add sheets as needed, and also enables printing from the browser. The PowerPoint App has added video and audio playback that not present in the previous version, it has also added the ability to insert images, apply transitions and animations, and users can also add pre-designed themes to the presentation by using the browser.

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The updated OneNote Web App has added the capabilities to search in the document, and the ability to add notes, pictures or tags with greater ease. It can also share the notes as URLs, and can view on a PC, Phone or as well as tablet.

Check out the overview of all the Office Web Apps here.

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