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You thought that the YouTube app is taking on Vine and Instagram in terms of editing and sharing videos, but there is something more, the new Mixbit app.

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen has introduced the new video editing and sharing platform Mixbit app, the iPhone app will let you record your videos, edit, share, with its own mix video clips that will let you create your own movies.

The app let you record video clips for as long as 16 sec as the Instagram Video records 15 sec and Vine records 6 sec video clips. But in MixBit app you can make a complete video by joining as many as 256 clips. Currently the app not contains filters, but it can cut and rearrange clips and you can also save the videos as draft for future publishing.

The new app is launched as an competitor to Vine and Instagram Video, it works similar as the other apps, you just only need to tap and hold the screen until your clip is finished and then edit or share it.


For uploading and using Mixbit app, you not need to record a video first. MixBit “mix” feature will let you choose others clips and engage them into one. “We want it to be all about the content you create and share,” Hurley said.

Hurley says that YouTube has provided a great studio to make the content more better and useful, with equipment and other tools to some of the creators. “We’re more interested in helping everyone, not just a select group,” “We’re more interested in helping everyone, not just a select group,” Hurley said.

After all MixBit is launched. However, every clip and video you uploads to the service will be available publicly for other users to watch and use. MixBit doesn’t include the features like profiles and counts like other apps including Vine and Instagram Video, but you can also share videos to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

You can also go to Mixbit.com to view and edit videos.

The apps is currently only available for iOS, and users can download the app for free from iTunes. But Android version for the app is currently under development.

Hurley said that in future updates, MixBit will add the ability to upload pre-recorded video (Instagram has added this feature recently) and other tools including color correction, are also in the works.

The only feature that will not coming to MixBit is the “filters”.

What would you think of MixBit as an Vine and Instagram Video competitor? Tell us in the Comments below.

Image Courtesy of Flickr/sneurgaonkar

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