Microsoft Xbox console new version coming next year: Xbox 720

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xbox 720 reveal timing Microsoft Xbox console new version coming next year: Xbox 720

Microsoft is going to launch its new next generation Xbox consoles and be available by the end of 2013 for gaming fans. According to reports from Bloomberg, Microsoft has slated to launch its new upgraded version of its Xbox gaming consoles, which is already the top selling console in the market, near the holiday season in 2013, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

In this year, Xbox’s rival has launches its devices, Nintendo Wii U already available for sale this year and Sony launches its slimmer version of the PlayStation 3.

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According to Bloomberg report, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sale already hits more than 750,000 the week, it is much more than expected, this is for the first times to Microsoft, the first device to hit the record.

Microsoft is seems to name the new console Xbox 720 or be Xbox Infinity. This report in ArsTechnica states that according to some leaks in later June this year and which contains 56 page document, this appears to Scribd which came from the Microsoft internal slides leaks, it has reveals an road map for the coming Xbox console which refers to the new coming Xbox 720.

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