Microsoft: Windows Phone Store has now 130,000 apps

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wps Microsoft: Windows Phone Store has now 130,000 apps

Microsoft officially providing updates to how the Windows Phone Store is operating, but in the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona the company offers some new few numbers. At the event Microsoft announces that, there is now more than 130,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, and average users has downloaded 55 apps from the Windows Phone Store. The company says that, apps downloading has increased by 75% since it launches the Windows Phone 8 OS late last year, and paid app revenue increased by 91%.

According to Microsoft, the developers rate for the Windows Phone OS is growing quickly, there is more than 40,000 new developers registered with Microsoft in first 90 days after the launch of Windows Phone 8, and now more than 15,000 apps are only available in the Windows Phone 8. SDK downloads has increased too along with the apps, and topped 500,000  since October 30, 2012.

According to TechCrunch, “One thing that’s worth noting when looking at the number of new developers is that Microsoft reduced the price of registering as a developer from $99 per year to $8 for the first year during the eight days after the Windows Phone 8 launch, so the numbers may be a good bit higher because of this.”

Dev Center App

windows phone dev center app Microsoft: Windows Phone Store has now 130,000 apps
Microsoft has also launched an mobile version of its new Dev Center app in these days, the Dev Center app provides developers full and easy control to all the key metrics about their developed apps, including download data, crash trends and reviews. The app features some new things such as live tile and lets developers to share a link to their apps with others without accessing the store.

Microsoft has teamed up with some services to make the Windows Phone platform more attractive for the developers, such as Box, mobile backend provider Buddy and Photon Cloud, a service for game developers only, to offer Windows Phone developers a number of special offers like free API calls and free service for a limited time.

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