Microsoft fixes Surface RT Wi-Fi and Type/Touch covers issues

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Surface RT Microsoft fixes Surface RT Wi Fi and Type/Touch covers issues

Microsoft today has released a huge number of automatic software updates for its Windows platform, browser and Surface RT tablet. Microsoft has launched the update due to security reasons for Windows 8, Windows RT and for several versions of its Internet Explorer browser. It adds integrated Flash support that turned on default to its Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system.

Today, Microsoft has launched the software updates via their support forums that the company is quite making few software improvements today for its Windows RT based Surface RT tablet. The update for the tablet includes several improvements for Wi-Fi features of the Surface Windows RT based tablet, something which Microsoft has issues since the launch of the Surface RT tablet in October.

Especially today, Microsoft has launched the update for Windows RT based Surface has  “fixes to Wi-Fi reliability allowing for better roaming and improvements to ‘Limited’ connectivity scenarios”, according to the patch notes. It has also reported that Microsoft has also improving the typing experience on the Surface tablet while using the optional Type and Touch covers, on soft surface and when the devices and keyboard are flat.

In the new update, has addressed that it includes some sound related issues, like the problems with the Surface tablet’s volume button along with the Surface RT devices was muting at random, it seems that Microsoft again will launch an another update to fix the sound issues with some more improvements. At last, the Surface RT track pad has also gets some unnamed improvements.

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