Marvel Comics offers 700 free issue of its digital comics, server crashed

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Marvel Comics has announced that it will offer the users to download over  700 issues of Marvel comics for free for the next two days of ComiXology. After the Marvel just launched the over the ComiXology servers has gets massive amount of traffic and the servers got crashed. After crashing the company has continued its offer.

Over 700 Marvel digital Comics is an good news, but the bad news is that after the company has revealed the offer earlier yesterday, the ComiXology servers would not be able to deal with the massive amount of traffic and the fans who were waiting to download the free comic issues, users were using the ComiXology website or download via many apps, including the Windows 8 app.

The company has poster an tweet on the official ComiXology Twitter page that the company still working to get back online.

The Marvel Comics has announced many offers this weekend and the free digital comic book is one of the announcements that will let users to download their comic edition. The company has also launched its official iOS app for its Marvel Unlimited Service, the service allow iOS users to read tens of thousands of older comic editions for just a nominal fee of one month. Marvel has also announced that it will add music and sound to its digital comics later this summer.

Marvel comics website slowly getting back online, and keep in mind that the free digital comic offer from Marvel Comics only valid until the end of Tuesday.

Harshit Sharma

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