LG holds “Share The Genius” event on 1 May in NYC

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LG Share The Genius LG holds Share The Genius event on 1 May in NYC

LG has sent invitations for its May 1 2013, New York City LG “Genius” event on Tuesday, and asking them to “save the day” for the event.

The invitations for the event not tells the exact time and place for the event, or What will LG announce on the event – LG has only said that the event was held to “Share the Genius” and it would “capture the spotlight in true brilliance.” More details about the Genius will be shared after some time.

Before the launch LG’s Optimus G Pro has rumored to come with some interesting and effective features such as The curved glass display technology was first created by LG and called the “2.5D effect”.

According to expectations, LG is holding the event for LG’s US launch of its much rumored Optimus G Pro smartphone, which has first launched in February and first comes to a Japanese carrier website in January. LG has first introduced the Optimus G Pro smartphone at Mobile World Congress, and has said that the phone will come with a attractive design and has built with an improved and bigger screen.

The LG Optimus G Pro is said to be run full flavored Android and feature a 5.5-inch full HD display (the company has making the phone similar to Samsung Galaxy Note II), the phone will boast a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and comes with a n2GB of Tam and upto 32 GB of storage with an attractive 13 Megapixel Camera.

Rumors has said that LG is holding the event to launch its LG Optimus G Pro, which is currently available in Japan and South Korea. LG is looking likely to do something like Apple and Samsung with holding an launch event to make users think about the event and wait for it.

LG is not looking likely to be making a competition in the smartphone market. Last month, during Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event, LG has highlighted its Optimus G Pro with an ad. And said that don’t want to wait for Galaxy S4, pick up you Optimus G now.

<LET>What was your expectations for the LG Genius event, A new device or the Optimus G Pro. Share your thoughts in the Comments below.<LET>

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