Instagram now lets you Embed photos and videos

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Instagram Embed Instagram now lets you Embed photos and videos

After the launch of Video on Instagram, the photo sharing app has also launched embed photos and videos feature on Wednesday.

You can see how the photos and videos are embed below. The photos or videos will appear with your username and when you click on the logo you will be redirected to the website.

The embed photos and videos is an great feature for the app and will let users to share their posts across the network. As the embed features are on all the videos and photo sharing networks, the photo sharing app is also added on the list.

Currently, the feature is only launched the embed button for desktops, and you will see the button on the right side of public photos and videos. As other does, the button will give you an code for the photo or video and let you to insert it on blogs, articles and social networks.

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Recently, in June the app has launches an big update to the network adding video feature to the app, but there is only lack of embed button, but its rival Vine already has the button. Vine has introduced the embed button in March.

There are some terms and conditions for the appear of embed button. The app users who has set their accounts to private, will not be able to see the option.

“Your embedded photo or video appears with your username, and clicking on the app’s logo will take people to your page on where they can discover more of your photos and videos,” Instagram said in an announcement.

The embed photo will appear as:

The Embed video will appear as:

What would you think of Embed feature on Instagram? Tell us in the Comments below.

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