Instagram new update adds Landscape shooting for iOS

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Instagram landscape shooting Instagram new update adds Landscape shooting for iOS

On Saturday, Instagram has updated its iOS app with some new changes and improvements. It is the first update to the app after it launches Instagram Video.

You can download the updated version of the photo sharing app for your iOS devices directly from the Apple’s App Store.

Within the update, the app now lets users to shot the 15-sec video and taking photos both at landscape mode. This issue is from the beginning, when the company launches video support in June to its photo sharing app.

In videos, Landscape mode is a must feature, but the company has not pointed it out since the launch. But some of the active users or first users has pointed it out to Instagram. After that the company has launched a major update with some improvements and changes.

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When you goes to shoot your first 15-sec video on the app, you may try to use the landscape mode. Officially, the app does not currently added the ability to flip videos recorded in that position. Facebook tells that this is still an problem and will be fixed soon.

With this update the company has fixed the issue, Now the app gets some new features and also some other bugs. In this update, it includes an Cinema support for front facing cameras.

Cinema is an feature that takes Video in a unique way and to take it in the video app competition. As this is noted on the launch, however, YouTube’s Capture app has also a similar capability.

The photo sharing app is still the most popular, but there is no idea on how the video app will take it long. Currently, this is clears that “Vine” is most popular video sharing app.

The full Instagram 4.0.2 for iOS app is as follows:

  • Take photos or record video holding the Instagram camera in landscape orientation.
  • Support for Cinema using front-facing cameras.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

As compared to the recently revealed Vine update, this is a small update for iOS. Twitter has launched the update calling “It is the biggest update since the launch”, in which is adds many new features.

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

What would you think of Landscape mode in Instagram. Tell us in the Comments below.

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