If Facebook failed, Zuckerberg would be at Microsoft

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Mark Zuckerberg1 If Facebook failed, Zuckerberg would be at Microsoft

The founder of the world’s biggest social networking website Mark Zuckerberg, which has started Facebook in 2004. Recently it has quoted that if Facebook didn’t worked out he would have probably joined the Microsoft.

“I probably would have taken an engineering job…(and) always had a lot of respect for Microsoft,” The CEO told Paul Graham, the co-founder Y Combinator, during a interview of 45 minutes in Stanford’s Memorial Hall in front of audience of 1,700

“A lot of people from Harvard went to work there,” the 28-year-old the CEO added.

The social networking mogul has started about its startup experience with problems with entrepreneurs these days,  at the annual conference for entrepreneurs and computer hackers at Stanford University which was held on Saturday.

Facebook’s stock performance is gone down is the topic of discussion, and Zuckerberg has shared topics of his early years at Harvard University, its path is to become the most powerful figure in whole Silicon Valley and also the things that he imagined to done Facebook.

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Facebook is the world’s top website and it has the most number of pages visited on the web, 4,000 employees and peoples boasts 1 billion users.

Mark has provided the details of his days in school and the first to admit he wasn’t the model student.

Mark is a psychology major at the Ivy League university and he also interested in the study of computer science, business and classical languages.

Mark has stated that his best intentions are in attending the classes and spent his all time in computer programming.

“My life is a long history of people thinking I would drop out of school long before I did,” Zuckerberg told the audience.

He has also admitted that he was not sure that Facebook is the golden key to success.

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