HTC One previously known as M7 to launch as flagship smartphone

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htc one leak HTC One previously known as M7 to launch as flagship smartphone

On Twitter, an image of the future HTC One smartphone was leaks on Monday.

The image was posted on Twitter by @evleaks, an Twitter user that has a record of smartphone leaks information.

HTC One has previously known as the HTC M7 smartphone, and will launch as HTC’s next flagship smartphone. The phone has rumored to come with an 5-inch 1080p display, and powered by a quad core processor with a 13-megapixel camera.

HTC has holds an event for its next flagship smartphone flagship smartphone in NewYork City on Feb. 19. The company will also participate in the Mobile World Congress, which is helds on Feb. 25 in Barcelona. Many of the media companies has invited in both the events.

The leaked image of the HTC’s next flagship smartphone  stands in cues of the recently launched smartphones, similar to iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10. In addition, the device will come similar to the both devices, with a slim and rectangular body with slightly curved edges.

HTC has fully changed the design from its previous flagship models the HTC One X and the HTC 8X smartphones. The device features a more curved shaped body with plastic cases and with soft touch blackplates.

HTC profit has dropped 91% in the fourth quarter of 2012. Taking this, HTC needs an hit to stand in the smartphone market and it has thanks to the poor sale in United States and stiff competition. The company uses to be face Android smartphones, while the title goes to Samsung.

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