Google to launch its unified Chat Service, Google Babble

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google guy Google to launch its unified Chat Service, Google Babble

Google is looking likely to unify all its services similar to chat under a new single banner called “Babble”, a new report says. The new Banner service will be integrated with all the Google services related to communication, most of the services have their own features and abilities, which sometimes have problem in compatibility with each other.

According to, Google is looking to build Babble into everything Google+, Gmail, etc. This will allow you to share photos in live chats and can also start Google+ Hangout with anyone in contacts. Google would not change in the Chat window and will update with the same features, this doesn’t matter what Google product they’re using.

The biggest integration of Google’s myriad communication services is rumored for much long, and will coming soon. Users who were using any of the Google services, Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts and Messenger, Google Voice and Google Drive’s has been disappointing users about How different the multiple services are, Google has only need to integrate the services to reach many of the peoples. For instance, users can’t be able to start Hangout from Google Drive, etc.

In addition, the new Babble is good for the Google users, other services, such as Skype or AOL’s AIM, don’t want to switch through Google’s Babble and won’t get to share. Google is looking likely to moving towards to build its own communication platform, grief off other service that don’t want to use the same open chat platform, called XMPP. The report says that, the Babble have good quality, performance and easy to use.

It seems that Google is working to launch the Babble service at the Google I/O developer’s conference in May, Geek says, which makes a great deal of sense. It also likely to when Google would launch and show off its new version of Android operating system, the “Key Lime Pie.”

<LET>What do you think of Babble, would you ready to use the unified Google chat service. Tell us in the Comments below.<LET>

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