Google Now comes to Android 4.1 lock and home screens

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google now 1 Google Now comes to Android 4.1 lock and home screens

Google Now, now comes to the Android core apps search to provide “More of the information you need, at just the right time.” The update to the Google search apps brings more from Google’s popular search technology to Android users home and lock screens.

Users can use the feature in the phone only needs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS or above. Now the Google search queries updated automatically to show weather, sports scores, calendar appointments, and other useful information that users can search.

Other features comes with the updated app, per the changelog:

  • Movie passes from Fandango
  • Movies now include ratings from Rotten Tomatoes
  • Real estate listings from Zillow when in the market for a home
  • Music button when a song is playing in voice mode (U.S. only)
  • Support for U.S. college sports

“When Google Now first launched last summer, we promised it was just the beginning, and it would continue to get better at delivering you more of the information you need, before you even ask,” the company said in a blog post. “This is the fourth update since launch, and we’re just getting started!

The updated app will show you with nearby real estate listings from Zillow. The app also shows the flight timings, automatically pulls up your boarding pass when arrive at the airport, and will also show weather of the next travel destination. To make the app more useful, Google has invited  new partners to make all information easier to access.

The update app is already available in the Google Play Store for download, to download click Here.

Harshit Sharma

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