Google no longer offer free business apps

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google apps Google no longer offer free business apps

Google has discontinues offering free version of Google business apps for  use.

Instead, Google will having a choice between a free and premium version of its apps, businesses to pay more than $50 per year to use Google apps, Google will not allow users to free use its apps now, users has to pay for each.

The premium version of Google apps will offer 24/7 phone support, a 25GB inbox, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Google has a reason for the apps that changing them to premium it has explained in an official blog post, is that businesses are quickly growing at a high rate and the premium version of the app will allow Google to grow more business users that use its apps for business work. This is true, many of the business or company’s using Google free apps for their fine business and work.

In the upside, the using of apps will not change for its existing customers or users, i.e., users will be able to continue the free version of its business app, but who is new needed to buy premium business apps from Google.

Google will offer its apps free for individual users, and Google education apps that are still free will continue for free for school and universities students or users.

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