Google launches new Music Streaming Subscription Service

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Google Music Streaming Google launches new Music Streaming Subscription Service

Along with other products and announcements, at I/O Google has announced the launch of its new music streaming subscription service, Google Play Music All Access. Google has says that this service will mix your music collection with ours, across many devices, and will launch on Wednesday in US for $9.99 per month. People who subscribes for the service by June 30 will only need to pay $7.99. Google provides the subscription with a 30 day free trial and will available in more countries.

Google engineering director Chris Yerga has comes on the stage to announce the Google Play Music streaming service at the developers conference. And he describes the services as it all about Music, there is nothing related to technology.

The service includes a Explore tab which works as a way to browse millions of music tracks in a meaningful manner, by recommendations, by genre or by curated playlists from experts. Using the service users can also turn any of the song in to a radio station of a related song. The Listen Now tab let users to make a way through purchased music with the radio feed and recommendations.

According to Mashable, “Google didn’t announce which record labels it had on board. It had been heavily rumored this week that Google inked licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.”

Google’s Music service announcement is also a part for Google Play store improvements, which can be expressed as an entertainment hub and store of books, apps, magazines, music and movies. The improvements to the store includes a new design and app filter currently only available for tablets.

Google already has Google Music, and cloud music service, that lets the customers or users to upload their 20,000 as much as purchased songs in the cloud and can listen them across their Android devices and on the internet.

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