Google invests $1 Billion for UK headquarter

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Google search  Google invests $1 Billion for UK headquarter

As we all know that, the tech giants has struggling, with their competitors, Recently, Reuters reports that the search engine giant Google has investing more than $1 billion in its new UK headquarters, just as Sony has announced that it will selling its New York City HQ for $1.1 billion.

The company recently purchased an 2.4 acre plot of land in the London’s Kings Cross Central development, and it has plans to develop an office for its work in 1 million square foot area.

According to Reuters, the company has said that, once the office has built, its cost would increases to $1.6 billion.

“This is a big investment by Google, we’re committing further to the UK — where computing and the web were invented. It’s good news for the company, for London and for the UK,” said Google’s Vice President for Northern and Central Europe Matt Brittin.

The company currently, has an HQ in London, in Victoria and Holborn districts, and now the company plans to move in the new headquarter once it was finished. The company has plans to start building the new HQ in the year 2013, and the project will complete since 2016.

The company has many times works with its real estate and has spent more than $1 billion. In the December 2010, the company has officially bought an 2.9 million square foot building in New York’s 111 Eighth Avenue for a reported price of $1.9 billion.

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