Facebook launches Messenger app for non-users

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MESS Facebook launches Messenger app for non users

On Tuesday, the social networking Facebook Inc. has announces its Android Messenger app that let users to get access to their Facebook account only with a name and phone number, not needed to add any other info.

This all means that, users get access to Facebook rather they not need an Facebook account by the Android Messenger app. According to company, the features, which will soon come to iOS, will soon rolling out to Android in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and South Africa on Tuesday, and will soon be hit all the markets “shortly after.”

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The feature shows that, Facebook has trying the move to hold back the customers that has deleted their Facebook accounts or for not active users. The Messenger app for Facebook is alternative to other messaging apps such as GoogleVoice, Kik and WhatsApp, among others. Facebook now attempting to improve its mobile service business, to hold more customers and to help users to feel secure in smartphone real estate otherwise it would controlled by Apple and Google.

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