Bing Maps gets Ocean view and more satellite imagery

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bing maps Bing Maps gets Ocean view and more satellite imagery

Recently, the Google Maps gets an update adding to see the depth of the oceans using the Google Maps, Now Bing Maps platform, gets an update to its Maps platform, it adds 13 million square kilometers of satellite imagery to its Maps database.

The company thanks to TerraColor for the satellite imagery, the new images in the maps resolution is 15 meters per pixel and provides the overall coverage of entire world.

In the highlights of the new Maps data with the update is stunning topography of the ocean floor, it also showing the real Earth shape and features as well, and also the satellite base layer that is reduces clouds hovering over some several regions. It seems that once-problematic spots, like some tiny islands now seen much clearly and with details.

Bing Maps platform also adds more zoom capability, users now can easily zoom in from 1 to 13 levels to its magnification to see much details within the satellite imagery.

“The topography of the ocean floor is represented by color shading (dark blues to light blues) indicating changes in ocean depth,” the company said on its official blog. “An ocean mask minimizes areas typically obscured by ice and clouds. The combination of the ocean mask and bathymetric imagery provides a more meaningful view of the world oceans.”

Do you think, Bing can take over Google with the new update that brings Ocean view and more satellite imagery. Let us know in the Comments below.

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