Barnes & Noble Inc to offer free Nook Simple Touch e-reader with Nook HD+

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Barnes Noble1 Barnes & Noble Inc to offer free Nook Simple Touch e reader with Nook HD+

The top US bookstore chain Barnes & Noble Inc. has said on Friday that it would starting give away a free Nook Simple Touch e-reader to its customers who buys its high-definition Nook HD+ tablet next week, the Nook Simple Touch e-reader sale was poor and B&N don’t want to sell its devices in poor sales.

The US bookstore chain has reported last month that its poor holidays quarter results for its Nook business. The company’s total revenue from the e-readers has fell by 26% as the sale is much lower than expected for the holiday quarter, some other products losing place in the market like Apple‘s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, and the Barnes & Noble Nook business has doubled its loss.

The offer for free Nook Simple Touch e-reader is only valid from March 24 to March 30.

The B&N Simple Touch e-reader is looking likely to be well reviewed, but it has failed to catch its customers since its launch in 2011, according to the book buyers, all are migrated their attention toward tablets, and offers better, easy and faster reading functions to their users. The return of not sold Simple Touch e-readers has also losing Barnes & Nobles business results.

In Earlier year, Barnes & Nobles has launched its new Nook and its college bookstore business in a new unit, called Nook Media. The new business has attracted much users and investments from Microsoft Corp and Pearson LLC, but Barnes & Noble still owns 78 percent.

Due to the lose in sale, Barnes & Noble Inc. shares has also fell 2% to $16.54 per share.

Last Year, Barnes & Noble has started shipping its new Nook HD tablet to the pre-ordered customers for $199, and the company has lowered the prices of its devices which is launched last year, Nook tablet models to $179 (16GB) and $159 (8GB) and has reduced the starting price of Nook Color to $139, now again the company is offering free.

<LET>Did you going to buy the Nook HD+ to get Simple Touch for free. Share your views in the Comments below.<LET>

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