Apple patents “page turn” in e-reader app

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In recent days, In an patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. The patent lawsuit has added iPhone 5, Samsung’s U.S. Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, According to The New York Times report, Apple has granted the patent of its ‘rectangular shape with rounded edges’ has now given the rights to add page turn feature in its e-reader app.

The algorithm, how the app works to turn page in the app has approved by the United States Patent Office, the patent D670,713 to make it clear and involve in Apple’s patent list. The page turn patent was filed in December 2011 officially by Apple, but is approved few weeks ago.

This will not clear that Apple owns the page turn patent now. There are certain limitations that how Apple will use the page turn against the competition.

And finally, Apple has got the rights to use the page turn in its e-reader app.

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This is not for the first time, Apple has already patents some of the iPhone features and design in recent years. Apple is now involved in the patents that Samsung has copied its design and experience of its iPhone and iPads, which was granted by the design patent on rectangular shape with rounded edges.

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued patent no. D670,286 has filed that Apple that covers the outer edge shape of their devices.

The company has also filed the patent for its music icon and it recently patents the clock logo which comes with iOS 6 update, and also the glass staircase used in the company’s stores and also the packaging of its iPhone, reported Nick Bilton, a columnist for the New York Times, in his blog post.

Do you have ever used the Apple e-reader app and followed the page turn feature. Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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