Apple started iPhone Trade-in Program – exchange old iPhone with new one

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Apple has launched its new iPhone trade in program, that will let users to exchange their old iPhone’s with new one’s at a good price. Apple has started the new program in 250 retail stores in the United States.

In the new iPhone trade-in program, Apple iPhone users can trade in their old iPhones for credit towards a new model. The credit for the old iPhone depends on the age and condition of the device.

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The new trade in program only valid on Apple retail stores, infact customers cannot be able to get profit of the buyback program on carriers.

There are some restrictions and conditions applied for the program. In the terms & conditions, the customer mush have a contract order from any carrier provider and they must walk out with their new iPhone. Apple did not allows its customers to store their received credit to use later.

There are many rumors about the new iPhone trade-in program from early June and Bloomberg has also reported first that Apple is going to start a new trade-in program within collaboration with Brightstar Corp., a wireless distributor.

According to 9to5Mac, which have reported this week that, Apple is doing – is to increase the number of customers who are buying iPhones at Apple stores instead of choosing carrier stores.

Apple has aimed many targets with the new iPhone and launched the program well timed, as it is launching its new iPhone 5S flagship smartphone on Sept.10. This is giving Apple store employees two weeks to get accustomed with the new trade in program before the cues and rush if customers to get their iPhone 5S.

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